Angry Chimpanzee with Child

Wuetende-Schimpansin-mit-Jungem_AZ_33x48_1987 web


Angry Chimpanzee with Child, watercolor on handmade vat paper

33 x 48 cm

From the collection of the Atelier Fritz Hug

Creation year


Fritz liked to say that he became an animal painter because he couldn’t afford a studio as a young artist. In winter, he liked to spend time in the heated animal houses at Zurich Zoo and paint there. Many animals at the zoo recognized him for this reason; for us children, it was always a special experience being greeted loudly and exuberantly by the chimpanzees when entering the ape house together with Fritz. Although this chimpanzee shows completely different, namely negative feelings, it is amazing how her emotions can be read as human.

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