Anja has a guilty Conscience

Anja-hat-ein-schlechtes-Gewissen_L_54x38_60er web


Anja gas a Guilty Conscience, lithograph on hand made vat paper

54 x 38 cm

Creation year


Anja, a dark smooth-haired dachshund, was our family dog in the 1960s. Fritz probably painted, drew and lithographed her more often than any other animal. On this lithograph she shows a guilty conscience, a little bit at least, because she had stolen a piece of salmon from the dining table and had been scolded for it.

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  1. Fritz Hug has also painted other “family dogs” brilliantly. For example, our springer spaniel, who studies the viewers brightly and without a guilty conscience. Fritz painted “Jibby” because the family’s daughter had to stay in hospital for weeks due to hip surgery. The picture still hangs in the home of the daughter, who is now over 60 years old.

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